About Us

Foundation One Bank’s MISSION STATEMENT: To provide an unexpected experience by offering exceptional, personalized service and valuable financial advice.


Foundation One Bank’s VISION STATEMENT: Our vision is to create a special financial services environment where clients talk to real people who care about their personal and financial well-being.  To deliver on this promise, we will provide exceptional service, quality products, personal attention and sound financial advice.


Foundation One Bank exists today because of our strong commitment to two separate (but interrelated) concepts.


The first is Relationship Banking. It’s a term you might have heard or read before but we’re quite sure you’ve never experienced Relationship Banking the way we practice it. That’s because of the second concept to which we are deeply committed – establishing true partnerships with our clients.


Relationship Banking means establishing a broad-based relationship with clients. In short, the more we do together the more we help each other. But Relationship Banking cannot exist without a functioning, robust partnership between client and financial institution. We think establishing that partnership begins the moment you’re greeted on the phone, at the door or when you visit us online.


But partnership is much more than a pleasant “Hello.” It’s substance you can feel and almost touch. It derives from empathy and open exchange and a genuine desire to achieve more by doing the heavy lifting together.


It’s our job to make sure things get off to a good start. It’s your job to allow us to earn your trust so that we can provide the financial products, services, wise counsel and support you need to deliver the results you want and deserve.


Together, we will do more!