What Our Customers Say

“Banking with Foundation One Bank is refreshing. I’m always greeted by a friendly smile and from the first time I walked in they made the effort to REALLY get to know me…this is what all banking should be like!”


“One of the most important reasons I like Foundation One Bank in addition to its economic stability is the personal touch.  I’m not just a number, I’m someone special…like part of the family.  Whenever I have a question or concern, they go out of their way to get me an answer quickly.  They model customer service at its finest!”


“As a shareholder, I have a vested interest in how my bank does in our community. I think the greatest asset they’ve been able to develop is the relationships they have with their customers (including me). The staff is friendly and knowledgeable whether I walk into the lobby or use the drive-thru. It’s MY bank!”


“My wife and I were looking to get a car loan because our family just got a little bigger! Foundation One Bank made the process simple and straightforward. And their followup after our purchase? Now that’s great customer service!”


“I’ve used Foundation One Bank for years! They are consistent and that’s important to me. I own a small business and really appreciate the personal interest Randal and his team have taken in my success. Thanks so much!”


“In such a wild economic climate, I feel like I have a great partner watching over me and my family. I’m not just a “number” to them like some of those big banks…they really do appreciate my business (and they keep earning it over and over).”


“We refinanced with Foundation One Bank…it was 1-2-3 easy…and they didn’t get impatient with my million questions!!! Foundation One? They’re the best. Period.”




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