A New Name – Foundation One Bank

Foundation First Bank is being renamed Foundation One Bank. You will begin seeing the change this week with the introduction of our new website. Other communications will be transitioning in the upcoming weeks including new building signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the bank changing its name?

We believe that responsible banking practices are the foundation for a healthy institution. When we were made aware of another bank with a similar name to ours, we referred to a characteristic defined within our BRAND PERSONALITY ATTRIBUTES; “Unique”. The name Foundation One Bank was chosen not only for this characteristic but we wanted to remain consistent with our customer approach strategy. We want to be your number one bank.

2. How will this change affect me?

You will notice little change. You may soon see the new name on letterhead, statements and envelopes but the products and services that you currently use will not change.

3. Will my account number change?

No. Account numbers will remain the same.

4. Will my Debit/ATM card still work?

Yes. You will continue to use your current Debit/ATM card until its expiration. Your new card will be imprinted with the Foundation One Bank name.

5. Will I need to order new checks?

No. You may continue using your current checks. All check reorders will contain the new bank name.

6. Will I need to make any changes with my online banking or bill pay?

No. You will see the new bank name but you will not need to make any changes to your accounts or bill payment payees.

7. Will my direct deposit and automatic payments continue?

Yes. All automatic deposits and payments will continue as normal.

8. Will there be any changes to the FDIC Insurance?

No. Deposits will still continue to be covered up to prescribed standards.

9. Who should I call if I have any questions?

You may speak with any of our team members in Waterloo at (402) 779-2545 or Omaha at (402) 502-5558.